A case of breach has come to light in the protection

A case of breach has come to light in the protection of US President Donald Trump. Three youths stormed into Florida-based Trump’s resort on Friday with an AK-47 rifle. However, the police have arrested them. Palm Beach police said that Trump was not there at the time, the resort is currently closed. This luxurious resort in Trump is in Fort Lauderdale. Its name is Mar-e-Lego.

According to police, a suspicious car was seen about three kilometers from Mar-a-Lego on Friday morning. As the police approached it, the car driver increased the speed. The car came close to Mar-a-Lego. Three youths got out of it and ran towards the resort. The trio reach the resort’s wall loop and garden. They were discovered with the help of a helicopter and a sniffer dog and then arrested. During interrogation, it was found that these people did not buy the rifle but it was stolen.
Police spokesman Michael Agrodnik told ‘AP News’ that the three boys had parked the car about two miles (three kilometers) from the club, and fled when officers arrived. According to the police report, the three boys left the car and escaped to the club when they were parked and hid a loaded semi-automatic AK-47 rifle and 14 rounds magazine in the garden.

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