A doctor's death has been reported after the start of the Covid vaccine in America

Vaccination campaigns are being conducted in many countries to avoid the havoc of the global corona virus. Meanwhile, after the start of the Covid vaccine in America, a doctor’s death has been reported. In the US city of Miami, 56-year-old Gregory Michael died 16 days after Pfizer was administered the Corona vaccine. Doctor Gregory’s wife Heidi Nekelmann said that on December 18, her husband, Corona, was fully healthy before being vaccinated.

Doctor Gregory suddenly died of a heart attack on Sunday morning after having a rare disease associated with immunity. Doctor Gregory’s wife alleges that Pfizer’s Corona vaccine caused the disease from somewhere. He told, ‘I believe that Dr. Gregory’s death is directly related to the vaccine. There can be no other reason for this. After the vaccine, my husband had a mysterious disturbance in his blood.

Heidi said, “Doctor Gregory was perfectly healthy. He did not even smoke cigarettes. He seldom drank alcohol. He used to exercise and diving in the sea. They examined my husband in every way. Even cancer was investigated and nothing wrong was found in them. ”

On the doctor’s death, Pfizer Company gave its explanation. The Pfizer company said it was aware of the ‘very unusual’ death of Doctor Gregory and that they were investigating it further. A company spokesperson said, “At this time we do not believe the vaccine has any direct connection with the death of Doctor Gregory.”

It is being told that after the vaccine, no immediate side effects were seen inside Doctor Gregory. However, three days later while the doctor was taking a bath, he noticed that there were red rashes on the arms and legs. When he himself underwent an examination at his Mount Sinai Medical Center, other doctors found out that he was suffering from a severe platelet deficiency. Doctor Gregory was vaccinated at this hospital.

A doctor's death has been reported after the start of the Covid vaccine in America
A doctor’s death has been reported after the start of the Covid vaccine in America

Heidi said that all blood tests except platelets were normal. Platelets reach zero. For the first time, the doctors who were examining Dr. Gregory thought that it had happened by mistake. Therefore, if they double checked, only one platelet appeared. Even after this, Doctor Gregory was normal and full of energy. The doctors advised Gregory not to go home, as it was too dangerous. Meanwhile, his head starts bleeding and he dies. Platelets typically range between 150,000 and 450,000.