a fierce clash took place between two sides in Silchar

Today the land worship of Ram Mandir will be held in Ayodhya. At the end of the day, there was a wave of excitement all over the country. In the meanwhile, a fierce clash took place between two sides in Silchar. In the Ghaniala Bazaar of Silchar, The hailstorm between the two sides has forced the police to use batons and the administration has to issue an curfew in the Malugram police outpost area of ​​Silchar.

District Magistrate Kirthi Jalil said, “In the interest of maintaining peace and harmony, an evening law has been enacted in the Malugram outpost area of ​​Silchar with immediate effect.”

Note that the situation may escalate after the poster or a fan interrupts another fan. Both sides hold their own religious slogans. There is a Malugram police check post just 500 meters from the spot. Police and CRPF personnel use batons to disperse the protesters. Some vehicles and shops were damaged in the clash.

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