A hacker group hacked the computer systems of several Israeli defense factories

While the cyber attack in America has turned into a big political controversy, now there has been news of hacking of the defense industry of Israel. Payer 2, a hacker group, has claimed to have hacked the computer systems of several Israeli defense factories. They also include Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI). Pay2’s group has claimed to be openly hacking. It conducted a poll (survey) on social media last week in which people were asked which of their organizations Israel has the most secure network. IAI came out on top in that poll.

After the ‘poll’, the hacker group said ‘it is the same opinion, but things keep changing, be careful.’ On Sunday, the group claimed that it had hacked the computer systems of several Israeli organizations, including the IAI. The group claimed that it had evidence that it had access to IAI’s directory and access information of IAI subsidiary Alta Systems Limited. The group published a list of users of the Elta Systems servers on the Dark Web. Although the information entered there is not confidential, but the group has said that it has more sensitive information.

The IAI is currently investigating the hacking claim. He has claimed that he has not stolen any of his confidential or information that causes him any harm. Reports made about cyber security firm Check Point and Whitestream’s Pay2K suggest that the group is hacking into extortion. Some reports suggest that fresh hacking has been conducted by Iran. According to Whitestream’s report, this hacker group belongs to Iran. The hacking he did earlier, he accepted the ransom amount in Iran’s cryptocurrency.

Hacked the computer systems of several Israeli defense factories
Hacked the computer systems of several Israeli defense factories

Meanwhile, the US is grappling with questions raised by the ‘biggest’ hacking in history. The issue has become a major political controversy there, as President Donald Trump has refused to accept Russia’s role behind it. Instead, he said that China could be behind it. Whereas before this, his foreign minister Mike Pompeo had blamed Russia for this cyber attack.

Mitt Romney, now a senior senator and Republican candidate in the 2012 presidential election, has said that when the question of Russia comes, President Trump falls victim to a blind spot. Romney said that what Russia has done, its ability has been revealed that it can disrupt our electricity, water supply and our communication. He demanded a strong response to this cyber attack. Democratic Party MP Adam Schiff has also condemned Trump’s attempt to save Russia and blame China on the attack.

In this incident, hackers targeted the Solarwinds Orion platform of America. This platform is used by many US government agencies and many private companies. So far no evidence has been given that Russia was behind this cyber attack. But media reports, including Pompeo, have blamed Russia for this.

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