A heartbreaking news has come from Rajasthan

A heartbreaking news has come from Kampur village in Rajasthan. Here the salesmen working on liquor contracts got painful death when they asked for their five months salary. According to police, it is alleged that the liquor contractor burnt the salesmen alive by pouring petrol in the deep freezer.

This shocking case has come to light in Alwar, 18 days after the temple priest was burnt alive in Karauli, Rajasthan. According to the information received, the salesmen of liquor contract, who were demanding salary for five months, were burnt alive in Kumpur village here on Saturday evening.
Dara Singh, in-charge of the local police station, said that Roop Singh Dhanka, a resident of Jhaka, has filed a report in this matter. Roop Singh has alleged that his brother Kamal Kishore (23) worked with liquor contract operators Rakesh Yadav and Subhash Chand. The contract was being run in a container at the Kumpur-Bhageri border. The contractor had not paid Kamal for the last five months.

Roop Singh told the police that his brother was beaten and threatened for demanding salary. At around four o’clock on Saturday evening, contractors Rakesh and Subhash came home and took Kamal Kishore with them. If Kamal did not come home all night, the family thought that he must have gone somewhere with the contractors.

A heartbreaking news has come from Rajasthan2
A heartbreaking news has come from Rajasthan

But it was revealed on Sunday morning that the Kumpur liquor contract has caught fire. After this, the family reached the spot and opened the iron container in the presence of the police. Inside the lotus burnt body was found sitting in a deep freezer.

Roop Singh alleged that his brother Kamal was burnt alive by Rakesh and Subhash pouring petrol and then set the container on fire. On the complaint of the family, a case has been registered against Subhash Yadav resident Sheepat Sheopur and contractor Rakesh Yadav resident Fatiabad for committing murder and sections of SCST Act.

Questions are being raised on the local administration for running liquor contracts in container boxes. People agitated by the painful incident say why the liquor contract was being run in the container. Local DSP Tarachand said in this regard that at Bhageri Mor the contractors of Rakesh Yadav and Subhash Chand run liquor contracts. Contract papers have been asked for.

The mother of the accused contractor Rakesh Yadav is the sarpanch of the village panchayat Machharauli. The contract was running in a containerized box placed on the road contrary to the prescribed norms of the Excise Department. In such a situation, the department is also responsible for this terrible incident. CCTV camera was not installed as per rules.

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