A major controversy has arisen in Japan

A major controversy has arisen in Japan after the International Olympic Council (IOC) got the green signal to host the Olympic Games next year in Tokyo. IOC President Thomas Bak confirmed on Monday that the Games would be held next year. The Olympic Games were to be held in August this year. But these were postponed due to the Corona epidemic. Now Thomas Bak gave it the green signal when Japan, like many other countries of the world, is in the grip of the second wave of the Corona epidemic.

According to recent opinion polls, a large number of people in Japan are against organizing the Olympic Games amid the epidemic. Many people do not believe that in the current condition these games will be successful. More than 15,400 players will come for the Olympic Games. Apart from them thousands of officers, coaches, VIPs and spectators will come.
Opponents of the event ask, is it appropriate to raise such a function in the current environment? Genki Sudo, a member of the Parliament of Japan, asked in an interview whether sports are something that should be organized in an environment like today? Sudo, who has also been a wrestler himself, says that in this recent event the games will not be suitable for the players. Many players will not be able to practice properly due to the epidemic.

A major controversy has arisen in Japan
A major controversy has arisen in Japan

But IOC actors, Japan executives and sponsor companies are firm on the event. Many players are also in favor that the game should be held despite all the adverse conditions. Kohei Uchimura, a gymnast who won the Gold Medal three times in the Olympic Games, told the Japan Times newspaper here that 80 percent of Japanese people do not believe that these games can take place in the midst of the Corona epidemic. He said But I want people to change their thinking. Instead of thinking about what sports can be, consider the question of how they can be organized with success.

According to the announcement of the IOC, the Olympic Games will begin on 23 July 2021. Japan officials are linking the question of organizing with patriotism. They are sending the message that the people of Japan will encourage the whole world with their great efforts. It has also been discussed that if Japan pulled back, China would offer to host. China is already preparing to host the Winter (Winter) Olympic Games from February 4 next year.

Thomas Bak has expressed hope that the corona virus vaccine will arrive before the Olympic Games date. He has said that it is possible for the athletes coming to the Olympic Games to be vaccinated. But according to many sports experts, it is not a right idea to put a vaccine just before the Games. Its side effects can make some players ill, which can affect their performance.

Japan currently prohibits foreigners from visiting. But this ban has to be lifted for the Olympic Games. People from foreign countries start coming to the Olympics several months in advance. IOC President Thomas Bak will visit Japan next week. He will meet Prime Minister Yoshihida Suga here, Olympic Organizing Committee Chairman Yoshiro Mori and local sponsors of the Games. Local sponsors have raised $ 3.3 billion to organize the Games.