wild elephant attack
Ashwini Mandal was critically injured in a wild elephant attack near Laokhowa forest in Nagaon district on July 26. In the elephant attack, the front of the head of the mandala was split in two and the skin was removed.

After the elephant attack, Mandal was taken to Laokhowa Health Center. However, doctors there advised him to be shifted to Guwahati for better treatment

The people of the forest department contact the Arya Hospital in Guwahati for the treatment of the Mandal. The people of Forest Department admitted him in the evening of 26th July at Arya Hospital The team of three doctors of the hospital, Dr. Abhijit Neog, Dr. Rajiv Bara and Bullen Phukan, respectively, started the treatment of the Mandal. After a few hours, the jury is able to close the loophole at least once.

On the other hand, the medical expenses of the Mandal are borne by the hospital The family of Ashwini Mandal has to bear Rs. 5500 for medicine only. “The treatment at Mandal was very difficult because the scalp was missing and the skin was removed from the eyes. At the request of the forest department, we started the treatment as soon as the three doctors were admitted to the hospital and it took about a few hours,” he said. – When Dr. Abhijit takes over the successful operation.

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