An Air India Express plane crashed

An Air India Express plane crashed and fell into a ditch while landing at Karipur Airport in Kozhikode, Kerala. In this horrific accident, 18 people, including two pilots, were killed. Nine years before the accident, a member of a security advisory committee set up by the Ministry of Civil Aviation warned that the Karipur airport was unsafe and landing should not be allowed here. However, the incident on Friday shows that no one heeded his warning.


According to sources, an expert said, “My warning issued after the Mangaluru accident was ignored. This is a tabletop runway with a downslope. The buffer zone at the end of the runway is insufficient. Given the topography, the airport runway should have a 240-meter buffer at the end, but it only has a 90-meter buffer zone (which was approved by the DGCA). Also, the space on either side of the runway is only 75 meters instead of the mandatory 100 meters. ‘

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