A woman has died after applying Pfizer's vaccine

A woman has died after applying Pfizer’s vaccine to beat the corona virus. The 41-year-old woman was a health worker by profession. According to DailyMail’s report, the deceased’s name is Sonia Acevedo. He died ‘suddenly’ at home on New Year’s Day, 48 hours after the vaccine was applied.

The mother of two children working in the Department of Pediatrics at the Portugese Institute of Oncology did not show any side effects after the vaccine was administered. Acevedo’s father Abilio Acevedo told Portuguese daily Correo da Manha, ‘She was fine. He did not have any health problems. ‘

He said- ‘Sonia did not even have symptoms of corona. I do not know what happened. But I want answers. I want to know what caused my daughter’s death? ‘ The hospital in Purgatal has confirmed that Sonia was vaccinated on December 30. After this, the hospital was not informed of any side effects.

The hospital issued a statement saying, in connection with the sudden death of an operational assistant from the Porto IPO on January 1, 2021, the board of directors confirmed the incident and expressed condolences for the loss to family and friends. Under these circumstances normal procedures will be followed to explain the cause of death.

A woman has died after applying Pfizer's vaccine
A woman has died after applying Pfizer’s vaccine

After getting the vaccine, Sonia posted a photo on Facebook and wrote that Covid-19 got vaccinated. Sonia’s father said that on January 1 at 11 am, he was called and told that his daughter had been found dead. They told that they had breakfast together on New Year’s Eve. The father said, “My daughter came out of the house and I never saw her alive again.”

Sonia was one of the 538 Porto IPO employees who have been administered Pfizer’s Corona vaccine. The Ministry of Portugal has been informed about this. At the same time, Sonia’s daughter Vania said that her mother had told that where the vaccine has been placed, there is just normal pain.