meteorite is moving towards the Earth

According to the US space agency NASA, one meteorite is moving towards the Earth which will be closest to the Earth on 24 July. The speed of this meteorite is 13.5 kilometers per second and its size is also 50 times larger than the famous ‘London Eye’. Many meteorites break in space and move around. But the danger for us increases when they are very close to the Earth. It is prone to dangers like earthquakes and storms.

Its name is 2020 ND. This astronomical event can be seen on 24 July. A large number of such meteorites are commonly found between the orbit of Mars and the planet Jupiter, but they have a small number of meteorites passing near the Earth. In such a situation, the risk of these asteroids coming close to the earth increases.

According to the British agency Birmingham Live, the meteorite 2020-ND will be closest to the Earth on 24 July, when its location may be 0.034 astronomical units. According to the agency, ‘Potentially Hazardous’ (Potentially Hazardous Asteroids (PHAs)) is the scale in which space scientists include elements that are measured as threats approaching Earth.

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