Advertisement of a biscuit in Pakistan is now under controversy

Advertisement of a biscuit in Pakistan is now under controversy. The advertisement was being shown on the TV channel since October 4. This has now been banned by the Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority (PEMRA). Pakistani actress Mehvish Hayat is seen in the advertisement. While some people are in favor of the ban on advertising, some are opposing it.

Pakistan’s social activist (activist) says that this advertisement is evidence of pornography. Because of this people all over the country are scared. Actually, this advertisement is like any Bollywood item number. Mehvish is seen dancing in the costumes of the four provinces of Pakistan. There are also some men together.

The advertisement shows a colleague holding a rifle in his hand. Pemra has issued guidelines to TV channels regarding this. It states that pornographic and objectionable content should not be shown. The advertisement was banned a day later.

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Advertisement of a biscuit in Pakistan is now under controversy

Imran Khan Minister Ali Mohammad Khan has supported the point of journalist Abbasi. He has also tweeted a tweet tagging Prime Minister Imran Khan. In this, he says that the Prime Minister also opposes such anti-Islam steps. They spoil our society and they have a negative impact on the youth.

Pakistan’s famous journalist and columnist Ansar Abbasi described the advertisement as mujra. In a tweet made in Urdu, he said, ‘This is not true for Pakistani society.’ A few days ago, he had protested against women being featured in a fitness program running on a government TV channel in Pakistan.

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