Air India has been banned from flying in Hong Kong

Government carrier Air India has started the process of identifying employees on the basis of efficiency, health and needs. Who will be sent on compulsory leave without pay for up to five years.

According to an official order issued by the company on Tuesday. The Board of Directors gave the Chairman and Managing Director of Air India six. Based on suitability, efficiency, capacity, quality of performance, health of the employee, non-availability of duty earlier, etc. For months or two years, no salary is authorized to be sent on compulsory leave and this period can be extended up to five years.

The order issued by Air India on 14 July stated that the Heads of Departments as well as the Directors of the Regional Offices at Headquarters would evaluate each employee based on the above criteria and identify cases of non-compulsory leave.

The order said, “The names of such employees should be forwarded to the General Manager (Personnel) at the headquarters for necessary approval of the Chairman and Managing Director. When asked in this regard, an Air India spokesperson said, “We do not want to comment on this matter.”

It is noteworthy that the ban on travel in India and other countries due to the corona virus epidemic has greatly affected the airlines.

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