America’s ruling Republican Party not accepting the recent election results

The overwhelming majority in America’s ruling Republican Party in favor of not accepting the recent election results is considered dangerous by American experts for this oldest democracy in the world. The famous Washington Post released a survey report this week. The report is based on conversations with 249 MPs of the Republican Party. This member belongs to both the houses of Congress (Parliament), the House of Representatives and the Senate. The Washington Post posed a direct question to these lawmakers – who won the presidential election in November?

Only 29 of those 249 MPs responded. 27 of them said that they felt that Democratic Party candidate Joe Biden was victorious. Two MPs said that Donald Trump won in his opinion. The rest of the MPs kept silence. That is, he did not muster the courage to speak against President Trump’s stand. TV channel CNN, in one of its comments, termed the silence of Republican lawmakers as dangerous. In this comment, it was said that 88 percent of the Republican Party MPs are not ready to take any stand regarding the result.
Whereas the fact is that Biden won a clear victory. The electoral college of 538 members has 306 members elected by their supporters. Biden received 8,12,84,062 votes, while Trump could only get 7,42,21,849 votes. By percentage, Biden received 51.3 percent of the vote, while only 46.9 percent of the voters voted for Trump. That is, there is no scope for confusion about the election result. Despite this, Trump has not given up yet. His team of lawyers have consistently alleged that Biden won because of rigging.

Trump’s team of lawyers have publicized many conspiracy stories. But out of the 39 petitions filed by the Trump team challenging the election results, only one came to a decision in their favor. This case was also related to counting of votes. That is, the questions raised on the validity of the votes cast have not yet been approved in any court.

America's ruling Republican Party  not accepting the recent election results
America’s ruling Republican Party not accepting the recent election results

Despite this, Trump’s conservative supporters are constantly appealing to him not to give up. He has said that Trump should not give up even after the formal election of the new president at the Electoral College meeting on 14 December. He argues that attempts to reverse the election results by voting in the Electoral College will not result in a legal break. Then even after that, Trump can take the matter to the Congress (Parliament), where there will be a full debate on it. Jim Jordan, a Republican member of the House of Representatives from Ohio State, said that after the congressional session begins on January 5, the issue of rigging in the election on January 6 can be debated in Congress. From this, it can be known what happened in the election.

Matt Gates, a Republican member of the House of Representatives from the state of Florida, has also said that in the opinion of many members, a debate in Congress would reveal concrete things. It will tell that many states have been rigged. Gates said that there would be no sky break in the country by having a ten-hour debate.

Such a view of the election system of a major mainstream party in the country is considered to be worrisome. Analysts have said that this has damaged the credibility of the democracy of the country as it has never happened in the past. Even more worrying than Trump’s stand, it is believed that the overwhelming majority of the Republican Party either agrees with him, or does not want to open his tongue.

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