Among the appointments made by Joe Biden two names have attracted the most attention

Among the appointments made by US elected President Joe Biden to his cabinet, two names have attracted the most attention. Both of these names are understood to mean that Biden wants to immediately separate his country from President Donald Trump’s legacy. Biden has decided to hand over Homeland Security Department (Ministry of Home Affairs) to Alahandra Makercase, while John Kerry will be in charge of climate affairs. Makercase come from the Latino community (Spanish-speaking immigrant communities that have immigrated to the United States from various Latin American countries). The community was particularly targeted during the tenure of President Trump.

Trump contested the 2016 targeting of immigrant communities. The largest part of the Latino community in the US is from Mexico. Trump spoke of building a wall along the US-Mexico border. After becoming President, he also started work on it. Latin families who did not have valid papers were put into camp jails. During this time, pictures of young children separated from mothers were kept in places like cages.

Now Makercase of the same Latino community has been made the new Home Minister. He is the first Latino to have reached this position. Under this department comes the Center for Immigration Policy. This appointment has been strongly welcomed by Spanish-speaking communities and activists working for the rights of immigrants. Marilyna Hincapie, executive director of the National Immigration Law Center, which works for immigrants, described it as a historic decision by elected President Joe Biden and said people like her are thrilled.

Among the appointments made by Joe Biden two names have attracted the most attention
Among the appointments made by Joe Biden two names have attracted the most attention

Makercase is 60 years old. He has previously been Deputy Home Minister and Director of United States Citizenship and Immigration Services. In this sense, he has the experience of working in the government. They also have knowledge of citizenship issues and special problems of immigrants. Therefore, it is hoped that they will make such reforms in immigration rules that will make the lives of immigrants living in America easier. Joachin Castro, a Latino member of the House of Representatives, has said that the community will cooperate fully with Makercase in efforts to ensure that the Latino community gets a life of dignity and respect.

The second appointment of Biden that caught the attention of the public is John Kerry. John kerry will be climate in charge in Biden administration. Kerry was a Democratic Party candidate in the 2004 presidential election. Later he also served as foreign minister in the Obama administration. It is understood that handing over the charge of climate to a leader of such high stature that efforts to stop climate change will be among the top priorities of the Biden administration. John Kerry was also the co-chairman of the task force, which was formed during the election campaign, combining Biden’s team and supporters of Socialist leader Bernie Sanders. The task force was given the responsibility of making climate policy for the Biden administration. The task force was co-chaired by Star MP Alexandria Ocasio Cortez on behalf of the Sanders camp.

Donald Trump considers climate change to be a propaganda of the leftists. Therefore climate defense was not in the priorities of his administration. It was because of this thinking that they separated the US from the Paris Treaty to stop climate change. John Kerry is a supporter of the Paris Treaty. Biden promised that he would again make America part of the Paris Treaty when he became president. Carey’s appointment is believed to be one of his first priorities.

Biden has decided to place the climate in-charge on the National Security Council (NSC). He did not have this status earlier. The message has also been conveyed by this decision that policies to prevent climate change are very important for the Biden administration. A statement issued by Biden’s Transition (power transfer) team said – This is the first time that an officer specially appointed for the climate change issue will get a place in the NSC. This signifies that the Biden administration wants to tackle climate change as an immediate security issue.