An advertisement by the Nike company has sparked controversy in Japan

An advertisement by the Nike company has sparked controversy in Japan. Nike is a sporting goods company. They made a video that tried to get to the bottom of the apartheid in Japan. This was done through three girl footballers. This two-minute video was released on Monday. As it became popular, a large Japanese survey began to call it an insult to Japanese society. After that, a campaign has been launched on social media to boycott the products of Nike company.

By Wednesday, the video film had seen about 150 million people on Twitter. About 65 thousand people liked it. More than 16 thousand comments had been made on it. Many times more people have seen this advertisement on YouTube than on Twitter. A section of Japanese society has praised it. On social media, this section has described it as a strong messaging advertisement.
But Japan’s right-wing camp says that it presents a wrong image of Japanese society. A comment on social media said – Is Japanese society really full of discrimination? The company seems to be making a misconception about this. Another person wrote that now children of two different nationalities are often seen going to school simultaneously. So if anyone really suffers from prejudice, it is Nike. It is also alleged that some forces enjoy blaming Japan. According to media reports, a large number of people have announced not to buy Nike products anymore.

Racial variation has not traditionally existed in Japanese society. Most of the population remained the same in the past. But in recent times, figures of some other races and nationalities settled here have made great achievements. Last year, the Japanese team performed well in the Rugby World Cup, which included players of many races. Similarly, tennis star Naomi Osaka is a well-known name in the world of women’s tennis today. She has also won the Grand Slam title. They are the offspring of the Japanese mother and father of Haiti. The success of these individuals has challenged the notion of Japan being a racial society.

An advertisement by the Nike company has sparked controversy in Japan
An advertisement by the Nike company has sparked controversy in Japan

The title of Nike’s advertisement – Future is not waiting – means the future is no longer waiting. It featured girl footballers of three races. They have children of one Japanese, one Korean and one Black father and Japanese mother. In the video film, a mixed-class player is surrounded by her classmates and touches her hair.

The Korean girl is shown reading the word ‘jinichi problem’ on her smartphone. This derogatory term is used for Koreans settled in Japan. On the other hand, the Japanese girl is threatened at school. At the same time, he is also portrayed under pressure from parents for doing well in studies. At the end of the film, the message has been given that all the three girls, who are having difficulties, are able to prove their talent due to their love for football.

Nike has not commented on the controversy. But on his website, he said that he is sure that the game changes lives. The company has said that it has been listening to the voices of minorities for a long time and has supported the objectives in which it believes. The company has said – We believe that sports have the ability to show what a better world will be like. At the same time, sports are capable of bringing people together and inspiring them to be active in their communities.