An airstrikekilled five civilians in Afghanistan's Helmand capital

An airstrike on Wednesday night killed five civilians in Afghanistan’s Helmand capital, Lashkargah. At the same time, five civilians were seriously injured. This information came from local media reports. Detailed information about the attack could not be found.

Let us know that recently the Taliban have announced that they are ready to enter into an agreement with the Afghan government not to attack each other. Taliban spokesman Zabibullah Mujahid has said that similar to his peace deal with the US, such an agreement can be reached with Afghanistan. The Taliban’s statement comes at a time when the next round of peace talks with the Afghan government is scheduled to resume in Doha, Qatar’s capital, from January 5.

The Mujahid has said in a tweet that the Doha agreement has built trust in both sides. In such a situation, under the peace agreement with America, we are ready to follow the policy of not attacking each other. In this way, Afghanistan can be extended even further with the government.

An airstrikekilled five civilians in Afghanistan's Helmand capital
An airstrikekilled five civilians in Afghanistan’s Helmand capital

The Afghan government delegation has left for talks with the Taliban in Doha, Qatar. There is a round of talks on various issues in Doha from 12 September. There was a 22-day gap in the talks between. Now the talks are starting again. On December 2, both sides said that the points of discussion on the main issues have been decided. Now the discussions on the main issues will start in this round of talks.

Following the Taliban’s statement, it is expected that the phase of violence in Afghanistan may stop in the future. It is to be known that during the talks with the Taliban, there are attacks on civilians in Afghanistan as well as police and military.