An ASHA worker died after being vaccinated with Covid-19

An ASHA worker died on Sunday at a government hospital in Guntur district of Andhra Pradesh. Her colleagues have alleged that she died after being vaccinated with Covid-19.

Guntur district collector Samuel Anand said that the real cause of Asha worker’s death would be known only after the postmortem report. Also, he said that 10,099 health workers have been vaccinated in the last eight days, in which there has not been a single case of adverse effects.

After the death of an ASHA worker at Government General Hospital (GGS), other ASHA workers staged a protest in front of the hospital and demanded compensation of Rs 50 lakh to the victim’s family.

The protests were led by a leader of the Center of Indian Trade Unions (CITU) and when the District Magistrate rushed to the hospital to console the family members of the deceased, there were arguments with them.

The District Magistrate said that he would send a proposal to the state government to give compensation to the family of the deceased (ASHA worker) on the lines of compensation to be paid to the Kovid-19 advance front worker.

An ASHA worker died after being vaccinated with Covid-19
An ASHA worker died after being vaccinated with Covid-19

He also promised to give plots for the house apart from giving a job to a family member. It is noteworthy that on January 22, 44-year-old Asha worker complained of headache and fever, three days after getting the Corona virus vaccine.

Asha worker’s brother told that we first took him to a private hospital, but brought him to a government hospital if his health worsened. She was a healthy woman and worked tirelessly during the Kovid-19 epidemic. He also denied the ASHA worker had a stroke, as claimed by hospital doctors.

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