An FIR has been formally lodged by the CBI

An FIR has been formally lodged by the CBI in connection with the suspicious death of Sushant Singh Rajput. The CBI has formed a Special Investigation Team to investigate. This SIT has been constituted under the leadership of IPS Manoj Shashidhar of Gujarat cadre in this regard. Gagandeep Gambhir, a female IPS officer from Gujarat cadre, will also be part of the team. He is working at the CBI head office in Delhi.

The CBI team may conduct church operations at any location to investigate. The next course of action will be taken after collecting forensic evidence and conducting tests in the CFSL lab. In this case, it is very important to gather all the evidence as soon as possible as the report is based on a high-level investigation based on the CBI’s investigation report. In addition, ED’s subsequent investigations relied on a number of important CBI inputs. This is because both the CBI and the ED have different working styles.

It is pertinent to mention here that Manoj Shashidhar, 1994, is the main subject of the CBI’s investigative team and is currently serving as the IPS officer of the Gujarat cadre and as the Joint Director of the CBI. In addition, Manoj Shashidhar also served as the Additional Director General of the State Intelligence Bureau in Gujarat. He was also the Commissioner of Baroda, Gujarat. In addition, he has held many important positions. Manoj Shashidhar has been appointed as the Joint Director of CBI this year. He has been in charge of the CBI for five years and will investigate Sushant’s death.

On the other hand, Gagandeep Gambhi’s 2004 Bates and Gujarat Cadre’s IPS case are the women’s issues in the investigation team. The CBI, led by Gagandeep Gambhir, has been investigating a number of important issues.

Nupur Prasad, an IPS officer in the probe team, is originally from Bihar. The CBI team has been working in collaboration with the Bihar Police and Nupur Prasad has played an important role in this regard.

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