Approved the largest indigenous defense procurement deal

The CCS headed by Prime Minister Modi on Wednesday approved the largest indigenous defense procurement deal worth about Rs 48,000 crore for 83 additional indigenous advance Tejas jets of the Indian Air Force fleet. The deal will be a game-changer for self-sufficiency in Indian defense manufacturing. Defense Minister Rajnath Singh gave this information. Explain that the Ministry of Defense has already approved the purchase of 40 Tejas jets. That is, now the country will have a total of 123 advanced Tejas jets.

In addition to these 123 jets, India is considering approving the purchase of 170 Tejas Mark-2, which will be made of powerful engine and advanced technology.

According to the Ministry of Defense, the target is to deliver all 83 aircraft to the Air Force by the year 2029. These 83 aircraft will create at least six squadrons of the Air Force. A squadron consists of 16–18 powerful fighter aircraft. Let us know that these 83 Mark One-A Fighter jets are more advanced and deadly than the old deal Mark One.

Approved the largest indigenous defense procurement deal
Approved the largest indigenous defense procurement deal

The Tejas is an indigenous fourth generation tailless compound delta wing aircraft. It is a combat aircraft equipped with fly by wire flight control system, integrated digital avionics, multimode radar and its structure is made up of composite materials. Tejas is the lightest and smallest of the group of fourth generation supersonic fighter aircraft.

After getting the approval of the purchase, the DRDO chief said that it paved the way for the development of various advanced aircraft systems in the country. I would like to thank the Prime Minister for approving this important project. He said it was a great day for the Indian aeronautical scientific community and industry. Obtaining approval to order the largest number of aircraft is a major achievement and the result of three decades of hard work.

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