Argentine government has remove abortion from the category of crime

The Argentine government has begun the decision to remove abortion from the category of crime. Government has decided to withdraw the lawsuits on all the women who had abortions. Some time ago the Argentine parliament passed a historic bill to legalize abortion procedures. Argentina has been a fundamentalist Catholic country. But several progressive steps have been taken in the country after leftist leader Alberto Fernandez became president.

The latest decision to withdraw the case will bring relief to thousands of women, mostly poor and lower middle class. But women rights activists say that gender-parodying sentiments are still deeply ingrained within the judicial system, so the fight for women’s reproductive rights has not yet reached the destination.

The new law passed in Argentina on 30 December. Under this, abortion is allowed during the first 14 weeks of pregnancy. With the passage of this law, Argentina became the first country in Latin America to take such a progressive step. Women rights activists had been campaigning for years to create an atmosphere in favor of this law.

Under the earlier law, abortion was a crime, which provided imprisonment. Due to this, women had to face excesses and violence. Three years ago, a case came to light in which a woman was sent to jail for three years for self-abortion. The court also did not hear the woman’s plea that she was being punished for that which she had no hand in.

Argentine government has remove abortion from the category of crime
Argentine government has remove abortion from the category of crime

Argentine society has been abusive and sometimes cruel with abortion women. Women rights activists say that it will take time to change the outlook of society. But at the moment, legal relief is a big win for him. It is not clear yet how many women will benefit from the decision to take the case.

But according to a report released some time ago, 1,532 such cases were reported in the last eight years. The report was jointly prepared by human rights organization Sales, Aboriginal Rights Campers and San Martin University Center. But the workers who prepared this report had said that many states of the country did not give their information to them. Therefore, this number is estimated to be much higher.

Argentine Minister for Women, Gender and Diversity Affairs Elizabeth Gómez Alcorta told the British newspaper The Guardian that any woman who is being sued for abortion charges will benefit from the decision. The reason for this is that the law passed by the Parliament has been implemented since the past date. Meanwhile, women’s rights activists have demanded that now all those cases should be investigated in which a woman was accused of murdering her for having an abortion.

Relief has also been demanded for women who were convicted of murder for stillbirth or miscarriage and still in prison for this reason. Often the victims of such cases have become women from poor households. Also, there is a demand to increase the duration of abortion from 14 weeks. In many countries, abortion is allowed up to 20 weeks. In this case, Argentine Prison Minister Maria Laura Garrigos said that the case depends on the definition of when the embryo transcends the fetus. He said that in such cases most of the laws are made by men and judges are also men. While the issue is that women should have the right to decide what to do with their bodies Of course, the women’s rights fight has not yet reached its destination in Argentina. But the latest legislation and the ongoing debate about it indicate that the country is in the right direction. It is considered a major achievement for a conservative country like Argentina.

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