Artificial Intelligence which is now getting creative like humans

Artificial Intelligence (AI), which used to be a little technical support, is now getting creative like humans, which have also started writing stories. In this series, the new AI system GPT-3 has presented a new challenge to humans by writing precise paragraphs like an expert. It has given such precise answers on different topics which even experts are surprised to read.

Like humans, GPT-3 only writes tweets, emails and poetry itself. Rather, from language translation to coding of computer programs. This work has been learned by preparing its natural language through analysis of billions of words on digital books, Wikipedia, blocks, social media and the Internet for many months. Experts on the system, created by the OpenAI company at the San Francisco-based AI lab, say it could be a big step towards the introduction of effective machines.

To make the new system more efficient, a select few were invited, among them 23-year-old computer programmer Mac Riggle. He kept his focus on whether this sister could write like experts in his field. For this, the next one called it a famous psychologist, Scott Barrica of Man, to discuss creativity and the question was asked how can we be more creative.

Artificial Intelligence which  is now getting creative like humans
Artificial Intelligence which is now getting creative like humans

To this, the GPT-3 gave a paragraph-long reply in the style of Foreign Kaufman. This paragraph reached Kaufman himself via Twitter. After reading this, he was very disconcerted and wrote that GPT-3 gave better and accurate answer.

Jordan Singer, a designer from Silicon Valley, described the GTP-3 as a way to build it, describing the definition of a smartphone app in simple English. Over a period of time, the GTP-3 itself wrote this code. This behavior of AI is brand new. It also surprised the designers of GPT-3 itself. During its training, GTP-3 has identified 175 billion parameters.

GPT-3 is based on neural networks. This network is designed on the lines of a network of neurons in the human brain. The neural network learns brain-like skills by accurately detecting patterns of data present on a large scale.

GTP-3 is a major step towards understanding the vagaries of human language and handling human skills. It is a largely error-free system and also removes biased hostile language.

AI is designed after years of hard work in the Intelligence Lab and OpenAI. Microsoft, Google and Facebook are funding one billion dollars to OpenAI. OpenAI Vice President Amodei says that there is scope for much improvement in the technology.

Jerome Pesanti, who headed Facebook AI Lab, has termed GPT-3 as unsafe. In this system, women responded to blacks, Jews, and Holocausts in racially and spiteful language.