Bongaigaon Civil Hospital

Inhumane treatment at Bongaigaon Civil Hospital The family alleges that a 32-year-old man died without treatment. Sumon Sen, a resident of Vidyapara, Ward 22, Dhubri, came to Bangaigaon with his mother for treatment. Although his mother was admitted to a private hospital in the early hours of Thursday, Suman was sent to Bangaigaon Civil Hospital for Covid-19 test. In rapid antigen test at government hospital Suman was found positive.

After that, Sumon is kept in an isolation room Sumon’s condition deteriorated further and he died in the evening. The family members have complained that Sumon died without any treatment due to the negligence of the medical authorities. From 10:30 a.m. onwards, due to lack of oxygen he became ill. The family complained that he died suddenly after being kept in an isolation room for hours on end without any treatment.

Doctors and health workers have been asked by family members to provide oxygen and medical treatment to the deteriorating health system, although there have been allegations of dismissal with harsh remarks. After Sumon’s death, the family has accused the hospital principal and doctors of taking an escapist stance. The family members also complained to the medical authorities that the news of Sumon’s death had not been officially released.

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