Atmosphere of fear and anger in the anti-Trump circles

After the confirmation of Joe Biden’s victory by the US Congress (Parliament), there is no doubt about assuming the post of elected president. Especially given this, President Donald Trump has also said that there will be a systematic transfer of power. But after the view which America saw on Wednesday, there is an atmosphere of fear and anger in the anti-Trump circles. In the local media, there are constant fears that Trump may again come up with a trick in the remaining 12 days of his tenure that would further damage American democracy.

Analysts have pointed out that Trump also reiterated his claim of rigging the results of the elections when he spoke of the systematic transfer of power. In this way, they are constantly instilling in their supporters the feeling of being cheated on them. It is feared that the view on Capitol Hill (Parliament House) in Washington may be repeated in the coming days in many other cities. Especially on the day (January 20) that Biden will take oath, Trump supporters can stage violent protests on that day.

Douglas Brinkley, who wrote the history of American presidents, has said that a president full of outrage can cause deep damage to the country in the next few days. Brinkley told TV channel CNN – In the Federal Bureau (FBI) one should closely monitor the activities of Donald Trump, as they are behaving in an irrational manner.

Atmosphere of fear and anger in the anti-Trump circles
Atmosphere of fear and anger in the anti-Trump circles

Analysts have said that the most terrible thing that happened on Wednesday was not the attack on Capitol Hill. Rather it was to be revealed how irrational Trump has made his supporters. The behavior of these people has deepened the sense of political isolation in the country. Even after being removed from the post of Trump, this sentiment will remain for a long time.

Discussions on American TV channels have stated that Trump, during his four-year tenure, has repeatedly shown that he is completely swayed by revenge. With this behavior, he made such polarization in the society, which proved more harmful than the economic devastation during his tenure. Now there is a debate in the country as to what should be called Trump’s attempt to not accept the election result, further provoke his angry supporters and obstruct the constitutional process. Some analysts and opposition leaders have called it an illegal coup attempt. Former Washington Police chief Charles Ramje said on a TV channel – It was a coup-like incident, like never before in this country.

Timothy Nephtali, another historian of American presidents and professor at New York University, has opined that Trump has broken the golden thread that upheld the independence of Americans. Nephtali said- This is the first time a President has refused to transfer power peacefully.

More concern to the experts is that Trump and his pro-media media have created a sense of distrust for democracy among the country’s huge population. Millions of Americans are convinced that the Democratic Party stole the presidential election this time. For this reason, it is expected that even after Biden becomes president, the impact of pro-Trump extremism will continue to be seen in America.

After Wednesday’s event, many Republican Party MPs and leaders announced to separate themselves from Trump. Some people also resigned from their posts. But experts say that earlier all these people played a role in strengthening the trump. So now his resignations will not make much difference. In contrast, such Republican leaders in the pro-Trump community would be considered opportunistic.

Trump’s son Donald Trump Jr. has announced that he will launch a nationwide campaign against Republican leaders who have not supported Trump’s campaign to remain president. It has already been discussed that Trump or his son will be the candidate in the 2024 presidential election. Analysts anticipate that ‘Trumpism’ will remain a living political phenomenon in the country for a long time.