Attitude of Germany's Chancellor Angela Merkel to China

The attitude of Germany’s Chancellor Angela Merkel to China is likely that many countries in Europe will not agree. The possibility of America agreeing to this is even less. Merkel has agreed with Chinese President Xi Jinping’s opinion that America and Europe should not start a cold war with China. However, she added that she would continue to pressurize China on issues of human rights and transparency.

Angela Merkel expressed her opinion concerning the conference of the World Economic Forum. While addressing this forum on Tuesday, Xi Jinping had opposed the Cold War. In her speech on Wednesday, Angela Merkel said – “The Chinese President gave his speech yesterday. I agree with him. We need multilateral cooperation. ‘

Diplomatic analysts have said that Merkel has kept her sense of what Europe should adopt in its relationship with China. He expressed his opinion at a time when suggestions are being made from many circles that America and Europe should form an alliance to counter China.

Significantly, US President Joe Biden has spoken to several European leaders over the phone this week. These leaders include Angela Merkel and French President Emmanuel Macron. During these talks, Biden is said to have insisted on adopting a common strategy in the case of China. He said that along with Russia and West Asia, China is also his foreign policy priority. Significantly, this was said in the White House statement. But statements in European capitals did not mention China.

Germany has the most important position in Europe. Therefore, what is the attitude of Germany, everyone is watching. Much of this determines what the European Union will stand for. Angela Merkel’s comment has been considered important in the sense that she wants to avoid forming a group. He said- “In my opinion, it will not be justice to many societies to say that this is China and this is America, and we are going to one of them. I think things should not go on like this. “

This year, the conference of the World Economic Forum is going online. This time its three key speakers included Merkel, Macron and Xi, who were eyeing observers. The reason for this is the continuing uncertainty about the relationship between the European Union and China. Although both sides approved the Comprehensive Investment Agreement last month, there is still uncertainty about this, as it has been opposed by many circles in Europe.

Attitude of Germany's Chancellor Angela Merkel to China
Attitude of Germany’s Chancellor Angela Merkel to China

Perhaps in an attempt to satisfy the same circles, Merkel said that Germany would continue to pressure China on issues of human rights and transparency. He said- the President of China has expressed his commitment to the United Nations manifesto and respect the dignity of the person. No matter what kind of social system we live in, we have to discuss these issues.

He said that transparency is essential for multilateral cooperation. He said that the amount of effort that China took to provide information about Kovid-19 is an example of lack of transparency. Despite this, Merkel supported the Comprehensive Investment Agreement with China. According to analysts, this is the real thing. This means that Merkel stands firmly in favor of this agreement. This increases the chances of its implementation.