Baghjan tragedy

Shukleshwar Neog will taken to the hospital after long time treatment he dies. People died at Dibrugarh Assam Medical College at 3.30 pm today. Neog went to the damaged house of Baghjan and consume poison. People lost their homes in the Baghjan fire and were emotionally divided.

The Baghjan is constantly heating up again. The people in the Baghjan refugee camp have returned to the streets today in protest, despite the hostile protests. The victims, who are staying in the shelter camp, have protested by blocking the road leading to the Baghjan oil field and several other places.

Until now the people of Oil India have not able to determine the compensation for all the victims of the fire and the people have forced to flee their homes as the fire has not been extinguished.

Today, Oil India, the government and the district administration have demanded that the affected tigers should be compensated.

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