Bangladesh has taken a major step towards social progress

Bangladesh has taken a major step towards social progress. It has decided to enact a new law of succession for people from the transgender community. In a meeting of his cabinet, Prime Minister Begum Sheikh Hasina Wajed announced a new law for the community. Under this, people of the transgender community in Bangladesh will get the right to the ancestral property of their family.

Bangladesh has taken a major step towards social progress
Bangladesh has taken a major step towards social progress

In a conservative society like Bangladesh, it is considered to be very courageous of the government and a big step towards progress. Bangladesh is a Muslim majority country. More than 17 million population of the country, more people believe in Islam. Family law here generally follows Islamic law. Under this, transgender children do not get any share in family property after the parents’ death.

Giving information about the cabinet meeting, Bangladesh Law Minister Anisul Haq said – We are trying to prepare a new law according to Islamic Sharia law and its constitution, so that transgender children can get property rights in the family. Since the ruling Awami party has an overwhelming majority in Parliament, experts say that when this bill is introduced, it will be likely to pass easily.
The number of transgender people in Bangladesh is said to be 1.5 million. In 2013, they got the right to law that they can identify themselves as a separate third gender. Last year, she was given the right to register herself as a voter as a third gender. This month, the first madrasa for transgender people has been opened in Bangladesh.

Despite these efforts of the government, transgender and gay people in Bangladesh have to face many forms of oppression. The law made during the British rule is still in force in the country, under which homosexual sex is considered a crime. Therefore, human rights activists have welcomed the government’s recent initiative.

However, he has expressed doubt that transgender persons will really get rights in family property. Often, after a transgender is born, family members separate themselves from it. In such a situation, he will be able to demand a share in the property, it is considered very difficult.

Social activist Anaya Banik, who works for transgender rights, told the news agency AFP that as an activist she is happy that now the country is paying attention to the issue. But for this, not only the law but the whole society needs change. Banik is 40 years old and at the age of 16, she declared herself transgender.

Banik said that there was so much pressure on his family that the family members separated him from himself. Such a story is repeated with thousands of people in the country. Social activists also fear that radical groups may attack transgender people once these laws are enacted. A well-known gay rights activist was killed by radicals in 2015. Since then, gay people have been forced to hide even more.