Baron Trump was also hit by the Corona virus

Baron Trump, the son of US President Donald Trump, was also hit by the Corona virus, but now he has recovered from the virus. US First Lady Melania Trump revealed this on Wednesday. Melania Trump says that her 14-year-old son Baron was hit by the Corona virus, but his report has since been negative.

The White House initially stated that the Baron’s Corona report came out negative. Significantly, Donald Trump and Melania Trump were infected with the Corona virus earlier this month. The First Lady of America said on Wednesday that tests showed that the barons were also infected with Covid-19. she said, but the baron’s report has now come back negative.

On October 1, Trump and Melania were found infected with the corona virus. Melania said in a statement that after getting infected my first attention went to the baron. He did a negative test and it gave me great relief. But I kept thinking about what would happen the next day and after that.

In a statement published on social media, Melania said that my fears were proved true and one of her reports came back positive. He was infected with the corona virus. Melania said, she is a strong teenager with no symptoms. She said, “All three of us were together in this hour of trouble, so that we can take care of each other.” Can also spend time together. The First Lady of America said, after that the corona report of the baron came negative.

Baron Trump was also hit by the Corona virus
Baron Trump was also hit by the Corona virus

Melania kept the information of her son Baron infected with Corona private. She did not tell anyone how he succumbed to the disease and why his information was not shared with the people.

The Democratic Party has alleged that the corona was not properly resolved by Trump. For this reason, America is the country most affected by Corona. At the same time, after President Trump and Melania were infected, the issue has become even more heated.

Significantly, the presidential elections are going to be held in the US on November 3. In such a situation, the Corona virus issue is being fiercely attacked by the Democratic Party to surround the Republican candidate and current President Donald Trump.

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