Be careful Do not forget to take corona virus lightly

If someone has won the battle of life by defeating the corona virus. After this, you feel that once infected, the virus cannot spoil you again, so be careful. Do not forget to take corona virus lightly, we have not been warned in a research released on Tuesday.

A study published in The Lancet Infectious Disease Journal on Monday warned that Covid-19 patients may experience more severe symptoms when infected for the second time. Possible illness takes a more deadly form.

According to the study, the second confirmed case of corona virus in the US has been confirmed for the second time, which suggests that immunity may not be guaranteed to protect against the virus in the future.
A 25-year-old man, once cured of corona infection, has been confirmed to be infected with two different viruses SARS-COV-4 again, within a 48-day timeframe. The second infection was much more severe than the first, with the person being immediately hospitalized on oxygen support. The study also confirmed four other cases of re-infection, including Belgium, the Netherlands, Hong Kong and Ecuador. Was a patient.

Be careful Do not forget to take corona virus lightly
Be careful Do not forget to take corona virus lightly

Experts said that this research could have a profound impact on how to fight the epidemic worldwide and the possibility of overcoming it soon. In particular, this research can affect the vaccine. Nevada State Public Health Laboratory and lead study author Mark Pandori said that because the vaccine for the Covid-19 is not yet ready, it may be necessary to reconsider the understanding of the Covid-19 immunity.
He added, “We need more research to understand how long immunity can protect people exposed to SARS-COV-2. What causes a recurrence? Before What causes more fatalities? “

Vaccines given during infection enhance the natural immune system’s ability to fight disease, with antibodies to fight off future infection waves. But it is unclear how long the covid-19 antibodies last. It is lifelong immune to certain diseases such as measles.

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