Biden has made it mandatory for US companies to manufacture N-95 masks

Among the orders that Biden signed as soon as he took over the presidency of the US, it is mandatory to wear masks in all public vehicles. He has used his powers to control the Corona epidemic, which the US President enjoys during the war. Under this, Biden has made it mandatory for US companies to manufacture N-95 masks, swabs and other equipment. But this is unlikely to begin production of these things in the US immediately. This is also indicated by the contacts being made with Chinese companies.

According to reports published in Chinese media, Chinese companies started contacting the US from the beginning of this month. According to these reports, Chinese companies are fully prepared to export equipment to deal with the Corona epidemic. According to a report published in The Global Times newspaper of the Communist Party of China, so far Chinese companies have received initial orders to export masks and other items worth $ 154 million.

President Joe Biden has warned that the death toll from Corona infection in the US could reach six million. More than four lakh people have died so far. Biden has requested people to wear masks and follow the rules of social distancing. But experts say that the decision to make masks compulsory in the US has been delayed. In the last one year, no necessary preparations have been made for this.

Biden has made it mandatory for US companies to manufacture N-95 masks
Biden has made it mandatory for US companies to manufacture N-95 masks

Weeven, the official of the China Society for World Trade Organization, told the Global Times – The decision has been taken when the corona virus has reached a very critical stage in the US. It is still not decided whether people will voluntarily follow the new policy. But not complying with the executive order issued (by President Biden) would mean a fine. This will force people to follow the rules.

According to Huang Yuhao, president of Health Box, a company based in the eastern Chinese province of Anhui, orders for PPE kits coming from the US have changed drastically compared to last year. When Chinese companies were first asked whether they had a US Agency FDA Export Certificate or not. But today the situation is different. Now the FDA certificate is being offered from there, so that they can buy Chinese ingredients.

Zhang Wen, manager of the Wuxi-based mask export agency in Jiangsu Province, also told Global Times that demand from the US had increased. He said that due to lack of complete information about the epidemic, many people in America still wear masks made of clothes which do not provide complete protection. He said that the demand for sugar masks is likely to increase further as information increases.

Huang Yuhao said that his company is ready for the demand coming from America. It is capable of producing 5 million KN-95 and N-95 masks with European Union certification daily. He said- We are confident that the new administration will adopt a practical approach by the US and will see China as a supplier of pandemic materials.

China has already shipped more than four billion masks to the US. In addition, 90 million gloves, 78 million protective kits, 50 million sunglasses, and about 16,000 ventilators have been exported to China since March 2020. This information was given by the spokesperson of China’s Foreign Ministry this week. China has exported 224.4 billion masks since March 2020, according to data from China’s Customs Department. This is equivalent to 30 per cent of mask exports worldwide.