After Biden became the President of the US, there has been speculation in the Asia-Pacific region that what will change in the US policies in the region. Which Biden said after winning the election – America is Back (ie after Donald Trump’s four-year tenuous and volatile policies tenure, America will be back in front of the world in the old form.) Biden’s team has assured that America will again play a leadership role in the world. It will do so in alliance with allied countries. What will be the impact of all this on US policy, especially in the case of China, that is the most interest in Asia.

Joe Biden has created a team of experienced people to set policies. There are many Asia experts among them. Biden has appointed Kurt Campbell as his special envoy for the Asia Pacific region. This appointment received a special reception in Japan and Australia. Both these countries have been in the American camp and they have a fierce competition with China. Kurt Campbell played an important role in making the Pivot of Asia (axis of Asia) policy during the era of former President Barack Obama. The purpose of this policy was to limit China’s influence. When Campbell’s appointment was announced, US foreign policy expert Michael Green pointed out that Campbell had a key role in the Obama administration against ‘China’s bullying’.

Biden announced the appointment of a team of top experts on his National Security Council to oversee Asia-Pacific affairs. Campbell will be responsible for creating precise policies to protect American interests in the Pacific and Indian Ocean regions, coordinating between this team, and the US foreign and defense ministries. In a tweet, Eric Sayers, former advisor to the US Navy’s Pacific Command, said – “We cannot afford to let the Ministry of Defense execute its China strategy, while the Foreign, Trade and Finance Ministries work for completely different purposes.” It is a very difficult responsibility in front of Kurt Campbell to make them all sit in the bus, which they themselves will drive.

Biden's team has assured that America will again play a leadership role in the world
Biden’s team has assured that America will again play a leadership role in the world

Former Deputy Advisor to the US National Security Council Eli Ratner and Brookings Institute policy analyst Rush Doshi have been named Campbell’s advisors. Recently, with these two, Campbell wrote several articles, which observers have considered to be the leading documents of the Democratic Party’s foreign policy in China’s affairs. In these articles, measures to control the influence of China are discussed. In an article written in the American magazine Foreign Affairs, these three said – After half a century of the initial steps taken for the reconciliation of then President Richard Nixon, it has become more and more clear that America has benefited from the rise of China. Had convinced more than necessary in the matter.

In a recent article, the three stated that China’s growing economic power has destabilized the fragile balance of the (Asia-Pacific) region and has given a boost to China’s regional adventurism. If China’s behavior is left unchecked, the peace of the region could be in danger. Joe Biden has appointed Anthony Bliken as Foreign Minister, Lloyd Austin as Minister of Defense, and Jake Sullivan as National Security Advisor. In the case of China, the opinion of these three also matches that of Campbell.

It is also worth noting that Campbell publicly supported many of the stern steps taken against China during Trump’s tenure. But he has said that there will be a drastic change in US policy towards China under the new administration. He has criticized the Trump administration’s policy of unilateral action and said that now the US will rely more on multilateral cooperation. He has also spoken of walking on the path of serious dialogue with the Asia-Pacific region and avoiding unnecessary talks with China. Campbell is of the opinion that America should go on the path of deliberate cooperation with China.