It is very difficult to say that the police encounters are fake or real. Because we have seen from the past that investigation of that type of case takes a long time. But it is also true that it can solve and many examples are exist for us. We are talking about the Bikash Dubey encounter recently. A gangster who was caught by the police and suddenly the vehicle where Bikash Dubey a police man are going to their destination the vehicle slips in the rain when the vehicle arrives in UP from Madhya Pradesh. And Bikas Dubey tries to escape by snatching the police gun. The police will have to shoot at him in self-defense. But what is truth it can be revealed only after investigation.

There are some Old Cases

  • In 1992, these policemen killed a 15-year-old boy in a fake encounter.
  • Similarly, it took 20 years to punish 17 policemen of UP. He also had a 24year-old youth encounter in 1992.
  • In 1997, a businessman was killed in Connaught Place, Delhi. 10 policemen had to fight a decade long conviction
  • The CBI special court had to struggle for 26 years to get the two Punjab policemen sentenced.

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