Boris Johnson has announced a complete lockdown in Britain

Prime Minister Boris Johnson in Britain has announced a complete lockdown in the country to prevent the spread of Covid-19. This has been done because the country is struggling with a new strain of the virus. The move also includes closure of primary and secondary schools which will come into effect from Wednesday. Johnson has taken this step when Scotland has taken a similar decision which will come into force from midnight on Tuesday.

Some 44 million or three-quarters of England’s population are already living under the most stringent restrictions. Johnson said on Monday that the pressure on our hospitals has increased. The number of Kovid patients in hospitals in the country has reached 27 thousand and this number is 40% more than in April. He said that the number of dead in the country has increased by 20 per cent during the last one week. We will have to make a lot of efforts to control the new form of Corona.

Teachers’ organizations were appealing for the closure of all schools across the country for a few weeks due to the rapid spread of the new format of the virus. Johnson said that parents should send their children to schools in areas where they are open since Monday because the danger to children from the deadly virus is much lower.

Boris Johnson has announced a complete lockdown in Britain
Boris Johnson has announced a complete lockdown in Britain

He said on Sunday that tougher restrictions could be imposed for people in the coming weeks as the number of people infected with the corona virus in the country increased by 57,725 this weekend, while the total number of dead increased to around 75,000.

When asked about the lockdown, Johnson told the BBC that the restrictions could be further tightened. The Prime Minister said, it may happen that in the next few weeks we will have to tighten things further. I totally agree to that. I believe the whole country agrees. We have to take many tough measures.

He said, the schools are safe. There is very little risk to children. There is little risk to employees. The benefits of education are immense. Under the current rules, stringent measures of category four are applicable in most parts of the country, in which most commercial and non-essential shops are almost completely closed. Government National Health Service is under great pressure due to increasing number of people admitted to hospitals.

Defending the handling of the epidemic, Johnson said his government had taken all appropriate steps that we could to prepare for the winter months. The Prime Minister himself was infected with the Corona virus and it took him a few weeks to recover.