Brazil and Turkey have lodged a complaint with China

According to reports published in Western media, China’s diplomacy to distribute vaccines to prevent infection of the Corna virus is having the opposite effect. According to a report in the New York Times, Brazil and Turkey have lodged a complaint with China over their slow pace of sending vaccines. The New York Times report claimed that the Chinese-made vaccine is not as effective as the American companies Pfizer and the Mordena vaccine.

So far, at least 24 countries have signed the contract to take the vaccine from China. Most of these are low or middle income category countries. Whereas in rich countries, most Pfizer or Mordena vaccines are being purchased. American companies have also delayed the vaccine supply. Therefore, many countries in Europe have turned to the Chinese and Russian vaccines. Serbia is also among these countries.

Chinese officials have described the news published in Western media as part of the anti-China campaign of the US and its allies against China. Chinese media has prominently published the news of the questions raised about the vaccine of American companies. The news of about two dozen deaths in Germany and Norway after Pfizer’s vaccine made headlines in the Chinese media. Chinese media shared videos about the side-effects of American companies taking the vaccine.

Brazil and Turkey have lodged a complaint with China
Brazil and Turkey have lodged a complaint with China

Chinese TV channel CGTN anchor Liu Xin has asked in a tweet why the Western media has not investigated the news of the deaths in Germany after taking the vaccine. His tweet was re-tweeted by China’s Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian. George Gao, head of the Chinese Center for Disease Control, has questioned the safety of vaccines of American companies. He said that these companies made vaccines in a new way, while Chinese companies made vaccines by traditional method.

But a New York Times report said some lawmakers in the Philippines have criticized the government’s decision to purchase the vaccine from China. On the other hand, after contracting to buy the vaccine from the Chinese company Sinowalk, the authorities in Malaysia and Singapore had to assure their public that the approval to apply those vaccines would be given only after they were confirmed to be safe and effective. The Chinese vaccine is characterized by that they can be kept at the same temperature as normal refrigerators, while the Pfizer and Mordena vaccines require extremely low temperatures. Therefore, there is more attraction in developing countries regarding Chinese vaccine. China has given vaccine grants to countries such as Pakistan and the Philippines.

But Western countries have criticized the delay in releasing data related to China’s vaccine. It has a profound impact on the people there. The same month, a survey by Yugov, an agency linked to the British magazine The Economist, showed that people expressed the most doubts about the Chinese vaccine. This survey was conducted in 17 countries and during this time 19 thousand people were interviewed. It is clear from this that there is a lot of doubt about the Chinese vaccine in western countries. Despite this, these vaccines are in great demand in Asia, Africa and Latin America. It is definitely that the pace of arrival of these vaccines is slow, which has caused dissatisfaction there.

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