Brexit supporters are facing a lot of resentment in Britain

Brexit supporters are facing a lot of resentment in Britain over the agreement with the European Union (EU). The agreement has started with strong opposition from many quarters. Of greatest concern to Prime Minister Boris Johnson is that several MPs from the group campaigning for Brexit and the ruling Conservative Party have openly come out against the deal.

Many senior Conservative MPs have asked Prime Minister Johnson not to try to get the deal approved by Parliament in a hurry. Meanwhile, groups associated with the fish business have alleged that Johnson bent on hastening to compromise within the deadline and compromised the country’s interests.

A 2000-page document of the agreement reached between Britain and the EU was released on Saturday evening. Immediately after that many Conservative MPs have said that they should get full time to study this huge document. For the moment, it is a relief for Prime Minister Johnson that the opposition Labor Party has supported the agreement.
Therefore, it will not be very difficult to get it approved in the Parliament. But analysts say that if they do this by offending their party’s MPs, then they may have to pay the political price later.

Brexit supporters are facing a lot of resentment in Britain
Brexit supporters are facing a lot of resentment in Britain

After the release of the document, Prime Minister’s chief Brexit negotiator Lord Frost said it was an agreement to revive Britain. Now Britain will be able to make its own laws again. But the fishermen’s organization immediately said in a statement that the promise that had been made to them had been broken.

The National Federation of Fishermen’s Organizations said that despite all the assurances and big talk, Johnson surrendered to the EU on the real occasion. Jane Sandals, head of an organization called UK Fisheries, also said that the promises made to the fish industry have not been fulfilled.

According to the official announcement, the Brexit Agreement will be debated in the British Parliament next Wednesday. Only one day is allowed for debate. In this regard, Senior Conservative MP David Davis told the Observer newspaper that he first wanted the assurance that the EU would not impose more duties on UK products if there were any future disagreements over the right to fish. He said that more time should be available for debate on such an important issue and thorough examination of the document.

Britain announced its separation from the EU on 31 January this year. Thereafter, a transition period of 11 months was fixed to decide the process of separation. This period will be completed on 31 December. Britain’s relationship with Europe’s single market and custom union will then end. After that the Brexit Agreement has been reached regarding the rules under which the business will be done between Britain and EU. But its document has shown that the final conditions for the right to fish in the sea have not been fixed. Rather, it states that if serious disagreements arose in this matter, both sides would be able to impose duties on each other’s fish exports.

Trade expert Sam Lauw of the think tank Center for European Reform described such a provision as “unusual” in trade agreements. Conservative MPs are concerned that the EU may impose arbitrary tariffs on not only fish-related products, but also other UK products.
Voice has also been raised from Scotland against the Brexit Agreement concluded. Scotland’s First Minister Nicola Sterjon said on Saturday that the promises made to the country’s fish industry have been broken. He said that this is another example of how the Conservative government is taking Scotland in the wrong direction. Sterjon has been campaigning to liberate Scotland from Britain. He has intensified his campaign after Brexit. He said that an independent Scotland could become a bridge between Britain and the EU.

There have been reports in the British media that pro-Brexit groups are seriously studying the document of the agreement. If not satisfied with its conditions, they can launch a campaign against Prime Minister Johnson. The support of such groups was a major contribution to the Conservative Party’s landslide victory in the parliamentary elections last year. Observers say that high aspirations were created in the country regarding Brexit. While the reality is not the same. Because of this, people’s lives can be difficult in many areas. So the coming days can be tough for Johnson.

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