British citizens intentionally Corona positive

On one hand, there is an atmosphere of awe in the whole world due to the corona epidemic, while a challenging news has come from London. Actually there is going to be a human trial challenge in Britain. The challenge will be done at the Royal Free Hospital in London. It will have 2,500 British citizens intentionally Corona positive. After this, they will be given a vaccine. This is being done so that the results of the vaccine test can be monitored.

Let us know that earlier such trials have been done for diseases like typhoid, malaria and flu. These trials are being carried out to make the Corona vaccine work faster. Participants in the challenge will be 18 to 30 years old. The risk of dying from corona is lower in people of this age.

To participate in this challenge and to make themselves intentionally Corona positive these people will get about four thousand pounds i.e. about four lakh rupees. The challenge will also feature 18-year-old Alastor Fraser, who told a media house that he would be kept locked in clinics for at least two weeks and his body would be monitored.

British citizens intentionally Corona positive

He said that if this trial is successful then the lives of millions of people can be saved. Apart from him, 29-year-old Jennifer Wright will also be part of this trial. She said, I did not want to lose it when I got a chance to secure people. We are eagerly awaiting the vaccine that breaks this virus.

Explain that such trials were done in the 18th century by scientist Edward Jenner. He infected his son working in the garden with the virus to see if his vaccine was effective on the virus. From this point onwards, such a practice was adopted.

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