China has gone ahead in the vaccine race

As soon as Russia first announced in the month of August that we had prepared the corona virus vaccine, people around the world felt that Russia was working the fastest to beat the corona. But now the latest information is coming that China has gone ahead in the vaccine race.

The disappointing news came when it was revealed that four of China’s vaccine trials had reached the third stage. At the same time, his corona vaccine is also being used in emergency situations in many countries.

According to the WHO, there are a total of 11 vaccines across the world, whose trial has reached the third stage. But most of these 4 are from China. It is also considered as the last stage and this trial takes a lot of time.

China has gone ahead in the vaccine race
China has gone ahead in the vaccine race

The trial of four Chinese vaccines is in the third phase. At the same time, China got the biggest success when all four vaccines got approval for use. Let us know that recently China has joined hands with Co-Wax to make Kovid-19 vaccine. It aims to deliver 200 million vaccine doses to 12 vulnerable countries by the end of 2021.

At the same time, China claims that by the end of November 2020, it will be fully successful in making the vaccine. At the same time, out of the 9 vaccines selected for treatment of corona under the co-wax scheme, two are from China. One vaccine has been selected under the US, one South Korea, one UK and one vaccine under Global Partnership.

These are the four major vaccines of China, whose trial reached the third stage

  1. Sinopharma and the Institute of Biology of China are together making the vaccine. It has been given limited permission by the Chinese Army.
  2. Phase-3 trial of vaccine of Chinese company Synovac Biotech has started. At the same time, it has got emergency approval.
  3. The Wuhan Institute of Biological Products and Cyanopharma Company are jointly producing another vaccine, which has been given emergency approval by the UAE.
  4. Beijing Institute of Biological Products is working on China’s fourth vaccine. This vaccine has also received emergency approval.

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