China has openly oppose any international intervention against military rule in Myanmar

China has now made it clear that it will openly oppose any international intervention against military rule in Myanmar. China’s Foreign Minister Wang Yi called on all countries in Southeast Asia to ‘be cautious of foreign powers interfering in Myanmar.’ Wang made the remarks during his week-long visit to Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia and the Philippines. At the end of He said- ‘We should be cautious that some foreign forces may try to infiltrate Myanmar with the wrong motive, which will increase unrest and division there and make the situation more complicated.’

Significantly, with the increasing suppression of the pro-democracy agitators in Myanmar, Western countries have intensified their criticism of the military rulers there. Analysts said the latest statement from China could boost the morale of Myanmar’s military rulers. Significantly, Wang also opposed the policy of banning and pressurizing Myanmar’s military rulers. He said that the international community should adopt an ‘impartial’ view and create a conducive external environment that paved the way for political reconciliation in Myanmar.

Recently there have been indications that there has been an increase in anxiety in South East Asia over the ongoing repression in Myanmar. Brunei, the current head of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations ASEAN, on Monday appealed to call an ASEAN meeting on the issue of Myanmar. Indonesia has already appealed to ASEAN to intensify efforts to resolve Myanmar’s problems through negotiations. Malaysia is also supportive of calling an ASEAN meeting on this issue. A joint statement issued after a mutual meeting between Malaysian Prime Minister Muhiddin Yasin and Sultan Hasanal Bolkiah of Brunei appealed to begin preparations to convene a meeting on the issue of Myanmar at the ASEAN Secretariat in Jakarta.

China has openly oppose any international intervention against military rule in Myanmar
China has openly oppose any international intervention against military rule in Myanmar

According to experts, China is worried about these movements in ASEAN. He is opposed to any outside interference in Myanmar. It has called the incidents in Myanmar entirely an internal matter of Myanmar. It has appealed to all sides of Myanmar to negotiate as much as possible political consensus within the constitution and legal framework. Wang said that China is willing to take a mixed stand with ASEAN in the case of Myanmar. For this, it is ready to provide all necessary assistance to ASEAN.

Analysts say Wang’s remarks came amid growing international criticism of China over the issue of human rights. Western countries have increased pressure on China, particularly over the alleged suppression of Uygar minorities in Xinjiang province. In such a situation, China’s concern is that if international intervention in the name of human rights defense is done in Myanmar, then it will also argue such interference in Xinjiang. Therefore, he is also supporting the military rulers of Myanmar in his compulsion.

More than 500 agitators have been killed in military action over anti-military rule demonstrations in Myanmar. But China has not commented on it. Rather he has said that he will maintain contact with all sides of Myanmar. This attitude has intensified anti-Chinese sentiments among the people of Myanmar. According to experts, this will be a deficit deal for China in the long term. But right now it seems that China is taking more care of its immediate interests.

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