China has reduced the age to tackle child crimes

China has reduced the age of the culprits from 14 to 12 years in some serious crimes to tackle child crimes. Under the amended law, a 12 to 14-year-old juvenile will be held responsible for death or serious disability due to willful murder or willful wounding. The new law will come into effect from March 1.

The amendment was passed by the Standing Committee of the National People’s Congress of China Parliament on Saturday. A juvenile under the age of 14 who commits a crime other than those mentioned in the new law will be exempt from criminal punishment, but will be given corrective education.

The present age of criminal accountability in China is 16 years. Teenagers between 14 and 16 years are criminally prosecuted for serious offenses such as rape, robbery and willful murder. China’s supreme judicial body has released a white paper in June saying that juvenile crimes have increased wildly from 2018 to 2019. In view of this, this amendment has been made in the law.

China spent many years strategizing and seizing the entire supply chain of the US. Today America has become weak and dependent on Beijing. This claim has been made by Lucas Kunce, the Director of National Security for America’s Economic Freedom Project.

China has reduced the age  to tackle child crimes
China has reduced the age to tackle child crimes

In an interview to the American newspaper The Hill, he said that if China does not get some equipment or resources, then today America cannot produce many weapons and essential products.

Kunce made this claim based on statements made by various businessmen in the US Parliament hearing on import tax. He said, because of this, America lost many good jobs as well.

Kunce also claimed that the big American businessmen caused the country to suffer loss in their greed for profit. China understood well that these businessmen are slaves of greed, and by showing them profits, they seized the supply chain of America.

Although the US has now become a little cautious, it has last month blamed 58 Chinese companies for selling US technology to the Chinese military and imposed restrictions on exports to them. Its goal is not to let the technology getting ready in the US reach the Chinese military.