China is watching the latest developments in the US in its benefit

China is watching the latest developments in the US in its benefit. These speculations have been in place for a long time about how the administration of elected President Joe Biden will turn to China. Now China’s experts are assuming that Biden will be stuck in his domestic quarrel for a long time. They will not have time to work out an effective strategy to check China’s influence.

Chinese media have attached great importance to the attack of Donald Trump supporters on Capitol Hill in Washington on 6 January. The Chinese media considered the incident a sign that American society is disintegrating. The events in the US were heavily publicized on the social media account Shiqiao of the international version of the People’s Daily newspaper of the Communist Party of China. Speaking to this social media account, Professor Diao Daming in the Department of International Relations of Renmin University of Beijing said – the riots on Capitol Hill show that American society is divided. He is a victim of political polarization, which has no end. The biggest problem facing the new US administration will be what to do to handle the shattered America.

Trump supporters stormed a US Congress (Parliament) meeting on January 6 to authenticate the outcome of the US presidential election, killing five people. After that, the talk of impeachment of President Trump in America has again intensified. Meanwhile, China continues to discuss the China policy to be adopted during the Biden administration.

China is watching the latest developments in the US in its benefit
China is watching the latest developments in the US in its benefit

China expert Shane Dingli at Shanghai-based Fudan University has said that China would benefit if it withdrew from the US First Policy adopted during the Biden Trump era and adopted a pro-globalization policy. But this can lead to counterproductive and sharp reactions within the US. Shane said- “What we saw happening on Capitol Hill does not just reflect Trump’s legacy. This is actually a sign of only one kind of polarization present in America. America today is divided on racism, the poor and many other issues. ” Shane said that the Democratic Party is considered a supporter of globalization. It is likely that the Biden administration’s approach will be different from that of the Trump era.

Shen said that China has benefited from globalization and will also do so. But he said that unlike China, the US no longer has the resources to invest in international alliances. He said- “Consider the condition of corona virus and economy in America. Will he (after trying to deal with them) have so much resources left to put him on the multilateral plane? “

Ren Xiao, director of the Center for Foreign Policy at Fudan University, says that the social divide seen in the US will further boost China’s confidence in international fora. The most important issue in American politics right now is polarization. Its effect will continue for a long time. After assuming the presidency, Joe Biden must exert considerable power in domestic affairs.

Even before the January 6 incident, Chinese experts were of the opinion that Biden’s policy would be influenced by domestic social divisions. State Council of China (Cabinet) adviser Shi Yinhong said a few days ago that Joe Biden would have to pay special attention to Trump’s support base when he ruled. But he had also pointed out that the bills passed for the ban against China had the support of both parties. It is unlikely that Biden will retreat from them.

According to Hong Kong newspaper South China Morning Post, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences expert Liu Weidong is also of the opinion that China will not benefit much from American social divisions. He said- America has got support in international forums because of many other aspects. His stance against dictatorship, help to other countries, and the support he received from international organizations in the past made him a soft power. Even in Trump’s tenure this honor has not completely ended. Therefore, Biden can compensate for the damage that has been done. Liu said countries around the world will take some time to make comparisons between the Biden-led US and China. Then they will come to a conclusion about who in these two countries they can trust.