US and China, the war of words has also started.

Chinese and Australian diplomats on China’s antics in the South China Sea (South China Sea) became hotly contested on social media platform Twitter. Thereafter, Australia supported the US statement that any claim of China in the said maritime zone would not be accepted.

Australia recently expressed a memorandum to the United Nations denouncing China’s claims as illegal, with Beijing expressing displeasure. Australia’s High Commissioner to India, Barry O’Farrell, tweeted on Thursday that he told the Foreign Minister of India that China’s antics would lead to an imbalance and it was a provocative action.

At the same time, Chinese Ambassador to India Sun Weidong reacted to this comment of Australia’s High Commissioner on Friday. Weidong accused Farrell of ignoring the facts and tweeted, ‘It is clear who protects peace and stability in the region and who brings instability and provokes tension’.

O’Farrell responded by stating that China should obey the International Tribunal order in 2016, which rejected Beijing’s claims. China called the order illegal and non-binding. O’Farrell’s comments received a lot of support from Indian users on Twitter.

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