Chinese scientists have successfully proved artificial sun

China is gaining new heights in terms of technology. In terms of technology, China has surpassed developed countries like America, Russia and Japan. Chinese scientists have successfully proved the claim of the second sun in the world by successfully creating an artificial sun nuclear fusion reactor. This is such a nuclear fusion, which will give many times more energy than the real sun. China government media has claimed this in its report on Friday.

This Chinese HL-2M project will provide critical technical support for its participation in the International Thermonuclear Experimental Reactor (ITER). ITER is the world’s most ambitious energy project. 35 countries around the world are involved in this project. China and India are also named among them. In such a situation, this Chinese project can play an important role in advancing ITER. India is a 10 percent partner in this project.

This attempt to make China’s artificial sun was continuing for many years. The success of the artificial sun project has brought China to the stage of science in the world, where even technologically advanced countries like America, Japan have not reached till date.

Chinese scientists have successfully proved artificial sun
Chinese scientists have successfully proved artificial sun

According to the Chinese media report, China started this project in the year 2006. China has named the artificial sun HL-2M, created by scientists at the Southwestern Institute of Physics with the China National Nuclear Corporation. The purpose of this project was also to make solar energy even in adverse weather. Artificial sunlight will be as sharp as the real sun. This sun, prepared with the help of nuclear fusion, will also be controlled through this system.

The Chinese media report claimed that a powerful magnetic field is used in the functioning of the artificial sun. During this time it can achieve a temperature of 150 million i.e. 150 million degrees Celsius. According to People’s Daily, it is ten times warmer than the real sun.

The temperature of the real sun is around 15 million degrees Celsius. Talking about the nuclear reactors on the earth, the fission process is used to generate energy here. This happens when heat is generated by splitting atoms. Nuclear fusion actually takes place on the sun and based on this China’s HL-2M is built.

Situated in Sichuan Province, China, this reactor is often called the ‘artificial sun’. It can produce intense heat and electricity just like the real sun. According to the Chinese media report, the development of nuclear fusion energy will be instrumental in meeting China’s strategic energy needs as well as supporting the sustainable development of China’s energy and economy.

Fusion is extremely difficult to achieve and the total cost of this project ie ITER is $ 22.5 billion. Many countries of the world were trying to make sun, but the biggest difficulty was to keep the hot plasma in one place and keep it in the same condition till fusion.