Communist Party of China is preparing to celebrate the centenary

The Communist Party of China is preparing to celebrate the centenary of its establishment these days. In the meantime, the party is preparing for a befitting reply to its critics. Analysts, however, cast doubt on the success of this effort. She has pointed out that earlier China also made such efforts, but neither successful inside the country, nor abroad.

According to a recent information given on the website of China’s Foreign Ministry, a special study of the Communist Party is being conducted by Chinese diplomats. Also, party workers have also been given this task. The entire campaign is being overseen by President Xi Jinping himself. Diplomats and party workers have been asked to understand the 100-year history of the Communist Party and gain wisdom from it. But analysts have pointed out that the real objective of this effort is to prepare diplomats and activists to respond aggressively to criticisms of the Communist government.

Communist Party of China Secretary Chi Yu told local media, “People associated with the party and government need to understand that we are in the right direction in the midst of the stream of history. We have to strengthen our political resolve so that we are not afraid of any challenging situation. At the same time, we all keep working hard while being active. ‘ He said that diplomats are trying to develop a fighting spirit.

According to analysts, militant sentiment means that Chinese diplomats will take a more strict stance in the future. Analysts have pointed out that the term was used by President Xi Jinping in 2019 amid growing international challenges for China. Challenges that arose then included the escalating trade war with the US and protests in Hong Kong. According to experts, recently, due to aggressive attitudes of Chinese diplomats, they are being called Wolf Warriors. The term Wolf Warrior is derived from the popular film in China, in which the protagonist remains in combat posture.

Communist Party of China is preparing to celebrate the centenary
Communist Party of China is preparing to celebrate the centenary

In March last, when a tweet by the French ambassador to France was disputed and France described his behavior as part of the Wolf Warrior diplomacy, the Chinese ambassador issued a statement in a more aggressive manner. It said, “If it is Wolf Warrior diplomacy, it is because there are so many crazy dogs present here.” When asked about Wolf Warrior diplomacy, Chinese diplomat Cui Tiankai, who was stationed in the US, said, “Some people want China’s diplomacy to be like a lamb.” He endured external attacks and remained silent. But now the era of this has passed.

Chen Shichiu, who was the Chinese ambassador to Indonesia, told Hong Kong newspaper South China Morning Post that the US and other Western countries are fighting back in response to the rumors and things that defame China. And will tell the ‘truth’. He said, ‘We cannot always be as soft as before. The western countries have reached our home by fighting. In such a situation, what other option do we have than counter-struggle. We have gained strength. So now we have to speak.

Analysts have cited these statements as saying that it is clear that the Wolf Warrior is China’s thought-provoking method of diplomacy. The leadership of China thinks that now western countries are on the slope, while the east is emerging. This thinking is reflected in his diplomacy. But many analysts believe that China will not be able to achieve its objective from this perspective. The risk in this view is that it may provoke further protests against him in the world.

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