Congress leader Rahul Gandhi tweeted on

Congress leader Rahul Gandhi tweeted on Friday and targeted the central government. Rahul Gandhi wrote in tweet, ’20 lakh ka aakra par gayab hai modi sarkar’.

Corona infection in the country continues to wreak havoc. According to, the total number of corona virus cases in India has crossed 20 lakh. On this morning,

Let me tell you that before this, Rahul Gandhi had a tweet on July 17, in which he wrote that “The figure has crossed 10,00,000. With the rapid spread of Covid-19, more than 20,00,000 infected in the country till August 10. Government should take concrete, planned steps to stop the epidemic. “

On Friday morning, retweeting the same July 17 tweet, targeting the central government. When Rahul tweeted this, the number of corona cases in the country crossed 10 lakh. Now Rahul Gandhi’s point is proved correct and before August 10, on August 8, the Corona infection figure has crossed 20 lakh.

It is worth noting that now the speed of spread of corona virus has increased very fast in the country and today is the ninth day when more than 50 thousand cases have been reported. According to the website, more than 62 thousand cases have been reported in the last 24 hours. The number of infected patients in the country has reached 20.25 lakh.

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