Continue international aid for Afghanistan for the next four years

A two-day Afghan peace conference began on Monday under the supervision of the United Nations. Its inaugural session was addressed by UN Secretary-General Antonio Gutares and Afghanistan President Ashraf Ghani. In this conference being completed today, it is agreed to continue international aid for Afghanistan for the next four years.

But more news from this conference in Kabul is reported in Pakistani media that the team of elected US President Joe Biden has contacted the officials concerned about the situation in Afghanistan. According to media reports, Biden is not in favor of pursuing the peace deal as decided during the Donald Trump administration.

Biden favors taking more concessions from the Taliban. There is a discussion in Pakistan that due to this, the pressure on the Government of Pakistan will increase after Biden takes over as President. The general belief is that Taliban sources are in the hands of Pakistani agencies.

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Continue international aid for Afghanistan for the next four years

Pakistani officials are said to have told Biden’s team their understanding of the Afghan peace process. He has also given his opinion on how to move forward now. It was a clear indication from Biden’s team that Biden would not pursue the agreement reached between the US and the Taliban on February 29 this year. Instead they will review this agreement. This may mean that they impose new conditions on the Taliban. In addition, they will not return the US troops from Afghanistan in a hurry. Rather, they will step in this direction gradually with peace being established.

Experts say that before the withdrawal of the army, the Biden administration will insist on a full ceasefire in Afghanistan. At the same time, he will seek assurance from the Taliban that the human rights of all will be protected there. Human rights and democracy have always been important in the foreign policy of the Democratic Party. In the case of Afghanistan too, the Biden administration would like to proceed accordingly. For this, the Taliban agree, for this purpose, they can increase pressure on Pakistan.

The entire ceasefire has also been demanded by the Trump administration and the Government of Afghanistan. But the Taliban has refused to accept the condition. It argues that the ceasefire can be a part of the overall agreement and it can only be achieved by negotiating between different Afghan factions. There has been no progress towards negotiations with different Afghan groups. The Taliban say that the rules of how these talks should take place have not yet been agreed.

Meanwhile, the Trump administration has announced the withdrawal of 2000 troops from Afghanistan by 15 January. According to reports, the governments of Afghanistan and Pakistan are not in its favor. They wants the withdrawal of American troops in an orderly fashion. The Biden administration will take power after this withdrawal of troops. After that, what will be his action plan is being speculated in Afghanistan, Pakistan and all related circles.

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