Democratic Party senators did not allow the defense bill to be passed

The United States is entering the new year with an impasse that may have an impact on its defense system. On Wednesday, Democratic Party senators did not allow the defense bill to be passed, which needs to be passed by December 31. If this bill is not passed, the budget will not be available for all the defense establishments of America from January 1. Democrat members took the step because Republican senators stopped debate on their proposal to give Corona relief aid of $ 2000 to all Americans.

The House of Representatives, the lower house of the US Congress, has already passed the resolution of the relief package, where the Democratic Party has a majority. 44 Republican members in the House also supported the proposal to give $ 2000 to everyone. Seven Republican members in the Senate have also announced its support. This is sure to pass the proposal. But Senate leader Mitch Maconnell of the Republican Party has not allowed a debate on the proposal.

The proposal to give two thousand dollars to all Americans was first proposed by Socialist leader Bernie Sanders. But the opposition to the Republican Party finally passed a proposal to give $ 600 to everyone. President Donald Trump criticized the proposal, saying that it did not provide full help to Americans troubled by the Corona epidemic.

Democratic Party senators did not allow the defense bill to be passed
Democratic Party senators did not allow the defense bill to be passed

He supported the $ 2000 proposal. Trump held his signature on the $ 600 resolution passed for several days. Eventually he signed, but by then the Democratic Party had a chance to bring the $ 2000 proposal again. The party also passed it in the lower house.

Now there is a deep deadlock in this issue in the Senate. On this issue, there has also been deep differences in the Republican Party. Trump and his supporters are supporting the $ 2000 bill, while Maconnell and most Republican Republican lawmakers are opposing it. Maconnell has created many technical hurdles in the passage of this resolution. He said he would support it only if he supported two more Democratic Party Trump proposals. These proposals of Trump include the abolition of the statutory protection granted to tech companies and the formation of an Election Fraud Commission.

Defense bill has become the victim of this pull. Now there is every possibility that a consensus will be reached on this in the new year. Bernie Sanders had said that if the senators did not agree on a $ 2000 relief package per citizen, they would not let them celebrate the New Year holiday. Now this thing has become a reality According to the Senate procedure, as long as the defense bill is pending, the Senate cannot have a holiday.

Maconnell has said that the Senate cannot allow acts of protection to the nation. This cannot be allowed especially because of the efforts of senators who are trying to reduce the security capabilities of the US throughout the year. His point was towards Sanders, who is a supporter of reducing the US defense budget. On the other hand, Sanders has said that at the time millions of Americans are desperate to pay bills for food and supplies, they will not be able to pass the defense budget without giving them full assistance.

Analysts have described it as a stalemate that reveals a widening rift in the American system of governance. Such situations have become critical after Donald Trump became president. Trump has trapped the country in another such difficulty on the go.

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