District Transport Officer, Kamarupa Metro

Arun Bora District Transport Officer, Kamarupa Metro, has been suspended for non-payment of tax. The suspension was carried out on the instructions of Transport Minister Chandramohan Patwary This measure is taken against the subject in a punitive manner by raising allegations of irregularities in the submission of vehicle tax.

Arun Bora and three others have been suspended on the same charges. Arup Kumar Barman, the junior assistant, and Siddheshwar Ranghang the Cashier of the district transport office, were suspended.

It is pertinent to note that some irregularities in the collection of taxes were noticed by the Department of Transport. An investigation was immediately announced in the case. At least in the investigation, it came to light that Arun Bora the district transport officer of Kamarupa Metro, had allowed tax evasion.

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