Hacker on Google Pay

Do you use Google Pay or other payment applications for money transfer? If using such an application, be careful! The number of ATM card numbers or passwords sought by hackers is now outdated. This time the hacker’s new strategy is to remove all your hard earned money from your bank account with the help of Google Pay.

This is coming to light after a hacker stole Rs 70,000 from a woman in Sarthebari. According to a complaint lodged by a victim named Biju Rani Barman, her husband a doctor treating Corona at Jorhat Medical College sent Rs 7,000 to her husband through Google Pay. But after deducting Rs 14,000 from the bank account by Google Pay.

The woman complained by calling Google Pay’s Customer Care phone number to make a complaint. After the woman called and complained on Google Pay, she collected all the information from her account and took Rs 71,000 from the woman. The woman has already lodged a complaint with the Sarthebari branch of the State Bank and lodged a complaint with the Sarthebari police station.

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