The attacker who exploded on Christmas day in Nashville, US, has been identified. With this man named 63-year-old Anthony Kin Warner, the authorities are now trying to find out what his motive is behind the attack. Authorities said that during the attack, he found parts of his body which indicated that he played the role of a suicide bomber. The FBI, an investigative agency, said Anthony, an IT worker by profession, lived on the outskirts of Nashville and is believed to have carried out the attack alone. FBI agent Douglas Kournsky said that we are still investigating the evidence but there are no indications that any other person was involved in the attack. He said, "The authorities are investigating based on the clues, but at the moment no such indication has been found so that it can be known what was its intention behind the attack." The attacker worked at a Nashville-based real estate company as a computer consultant. The officers involved in the investigation are taking digital footprints of Warner and investigating his financial history.

Presidential elections are over in the US and newly elected President Joe Biden will take oath as president on January 20. Currently, transfer of power is going on in America. Regarding this, Joe Biden has said that the administration of outgoing President Donald Trump is hindering the transfer of some heads of security departments.

During a press briefing, Joe Biden said, from some agencies, our team has received exemplary support from career staff. From others, mainly the Department of Defense, we faced hurdles faced by the political leadership.

Biden’s statement came to light when the Trump administration approved the transfer of power to the Biden administration. At the same time, some officials have so far refused to give up and questioned the validity of the presidential election. They are accusing Democrats of rigging elections.

Donald Trump administration is hindering the transfer of some heads of security departments
Donald Trump administration is hindering the transfer of some heads of security departments

During the press brief, the newly elected President said, his team is not getting all the information from the present administration in the main national security areas, which it needs. It is a matter of irresponsibility, I think.

“Reconstruction of our full set of means for foreign policy and national security is an important challenge that the newly elected Vice President Kamala Harris and I will face when we take office, which will begin with our diplomacy,” he said.

Setting the tone for US-China relations for the next four years, the newly elected president also said that Washington needed to build a coalition of like-minded countries to face Beijing.

Biden said after his briefing with members of the review team of the National Security and Foreign Policy Agency, as we are competing to hold China’s government accountable for trade misconduct, technology, human rights and other fronts. In such a situation, we have to build a coalition of like-minded allies, this will strengthen our position.