Donald Trump and his supporters have escalated the political crisis

President Donald Trump and his supporters have escalated the political crisis in the country just before voting for the US presidential election on Monday at the Electoral College. The legal options held by the Trump camp are almost exhausted after the Texas state petition was dismissed in the Supreme Court two days ago. But instead of accepting the court’s decision, Trump and his supporters have opened up new frontiers.

In the early hours of Monday, Donald Trump directly targeted the Supreme Court. Said- ‘It is the fundamental right of the Supreme Court to decide on issues between different states. But the Supreme Court’s absence in the middle is absurd. They were scared and did not pass judgment on the merits. Our country has become so bad. ”The state of Texas challenged the validity of the voting in four other states. Joe Biden of the Democratic Party wins from all these states. The Supreme Court dismissed the petition. After that, Trump supporters took to the streets in many cities.

On Sunday, violence took place directly in the streets between Trump’s pro-Trump right wing group Proud Boys and the Trump’s anti-Trump Atintha faction. Four people were attacked with knives, who had to be rushed to the hospital. Police arrested 23 people. Trump supporters also staged demonstrations in the states of Georgia, Pennsylvania, Michigan, Wisconsin, Nevada and Arizona, demanding the election result be canceled.

Donald Trump and his supporters have escalated the political crisis
Donald Trump and his supporters have escalated the political crisis

Following the Supreme Court’s decision, some Republican party leaders have raised the demand for direct intervention from the military and even the partition of the country. The Republican Party’s Texas state president, Alan West, said in a statement that “states that believe in law and order” should now secede from the United States. He said (of the Supreme Court) that this ruling sets an example, which means that states can violate the US Constitution, while they will not be held accountable. Therefore, perhaps the time has come when law-abiding states unite and form a union that follows the constitution.

Analysts have pointed out that no one has ever talked about the separation of states in America after the 1860s. In the 1860s, when President Abraham Lincoln decided to end slavery, the southern states of America revolted against him and declared independence. The famous civil war took place in this, in which the unity of the country was protected by crushing the revolt of the states.

After the Supreme Court’s decision, Trump’s lawyer Rudy Juilliani said in a program on TV channel Fox that the decision came because the facts have been suppressed. On the same channel, White House press secretary Kileh Mckeni strongly criticized the Supreme Court, saying that it did not take responsibility in the matter under the cover of procedures. Meanwhile, a recent opinion poll released just before the Electoral College meeting revealed that Biden is not a legitimately elected president, in the opinion of a very large majority of Trump supporters.

In this survey conducted by CBS News Channel, most of the Trump supporters said that Trump had won the presidential election. Therefore, his campaign to prevent Biden from becoming president is justified. 82 percent of Trump supporters said they did not consider Biden a winner. 75 percent of them said Trump should not step down as president. Even among the total electorate, 38 per cent said that Biden is not a legitimately winning president.

In America, the President is formally elected by members of the Electoral College. Voters elect these members. According to the last November 3 poll, the Electoral College with 538 members won 306 supporters of Biden. Controversies over the election outcome in the country are unlikely to end despite Biden being formally elected president by his votes on Monday. Analysts say that the country seems to be moving in a dangerous direction.