Donald Trump has claimed that he has won the election

The final results for the presidential election in the US are yet to come. However, Democratic Party candidate Joe Biden has crossed the majority mark, thus being viewed as a potential president. Biden has received 306 electoral votes so far. At the same time, outgoing President Donald Trump has received 232 electoral votes so far. Counting of votes is still going on in the country. Meanwhile, Donald Trump has claimed that he has won the election.

Trump tweeted, “I won the election!” However, as usual, Twitter has challenged his legitimacy by making a statement below his tweet regarding this unconstitutional claim. Twitter has said in its statement that official sources have described the election as separate.

Earlier, Donald Trump appeared for the first time on Sunday with Bemann confessing to the victory of his Democratic rival Joe Biden, but indicated that he would not bow down and would continue to try to challenge the upsets in the election result.

Donald Trump has claimed that he has won the election
Donald Trump has claimed that he has won the election

Trump tweeted, “He (Biden) won because the election was rigged.” No supervisor allowed. Dominion, a heavily left-wing privately owned company, was tasked with tabulating the vote, which has a bad reputation. This work was done with inferior equipment that did not prove to be true even for the Texas election (in which I won by a lot of votes). Fake and silent media. ‘

According to the latest electoral college vote count, Biden won 306 out of 538 electoral college votes. Trump won 232 electoral college votes. He has challenged election results in several states, including Pennsylvania, Nevada, Michigan, Georgia, and Arizona. He has also called for recalculation in Wisconsin.

Trump said in another tweet that ‘he (Biden) has only won in the eyes of fake news media. I do not bow down to anyone. We will keep trying. It was a rigging election. ‚ÄĚTrump once again said,” We will win. “

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